Note for:   Elizabeth or Eliza TIBBITTS or TIBBITS,   24 Dec 1836 - 23 Oct 1888         Index
Note:   Baptized in England?


Note for:   Mary Turner BRYAN,   6 Sep 1820 - 16 Aug 1840         Index
Note:   From the records of Ernest L. Ray: sealed to hsb. date given as 7 Aug 1872 is incorrect? Can't be sealed before bap/end.


Note for:   John RAY,    -          Index
Note:   Possible birth place: England?


Note for:   Nahum Cole HOLDEN,   2 Apr 1819 - 8 Feb 1895         Index

     Date:   Feb 1895
     Place:   Mesa Cemetery, Mesa, Maricopa, Arizona


Note for:   Hazel Day WILHITE,    -          Index
Note:   No children with Uncle Norman. Hazel had a daughter by previous hsb. Need to get her name and Hazel's other hsb./marr. info.


Note for:   Myrtie Mae McAfee,   1 Apr 1894 - 14 Sep 1974         Index

Event:   443-03-8627
     Type:   Social Security Number

     Place:   Shady Grove Meth., Cullman Co., AL


Note for:   William Robert Tucker,   4 Mar 1927 - 31 Oct 1971         Index

     Place:   Portales Cemetary, Portales, New Mexico


Note for:   William Robert Tucker,   19 Sep 1897 - 26 Jan 1982         Index

     Date:   29 Jan 1982
     Place:   Portales Cemetary, Portales, Parmer County, New Mexico


Note for:   Isaac Burson,   1752 - 28 Sep 1829         Index

Occupation:   Farmer and Baptist Minister

Event:   Served in American Revolution in Georgia
     Type:   Military Service

Note:   [Bursons.ftw]
Isaac was a farmer and minister. He was a Baptist. He served in theAmerican Revolution in South Carolina. He died in Jackson Co., Ga, afterhis will dated 09-28-1829.

"The DAR papers state that 'Isaac Burson, who resided during the AmericanRevolution at Landrum's District, Jackson County, Georgia, assisted inestablishing American Independence while acting in the capacity ofsoldier.' You can find that in the "DAR Patriot Index". The only otherthing I have is that he was a private in Captain Lay's Company, MajorMitchell's Battallion."
-Margaret Burrows

        Jackson County, Georgia Deed Book A, Page 235
        September 2, 1813 Isaac Burson, Senior to David Burson,both of Jackson County for $30.00 for 100 acres where David now lives onthe waters of Mulberry River. Originally granted to Buckner Harris onJune 14, 1802. Signed: Isaac Burson Sr Witness: Elisha Burson

        Jackson County, Georgia Deed Book A, Page 124
        January 28, 1818 Isaac Burson, Senior to John Patterson, bothof Jackson County for $100 100 acres west of Beach Creek and boundedsouth by the land of Isaac Burson, Senior. Signed: Isaac Burson
Witness: BF Burson, David Burson Justice of the Peace

        Jackson County, Georgia Deed Book A, Page 64
        December 17, 1818 Isaac Burson, Senior to John M. Burgar,both of Jackson County for $40.50 on the waters of Beaver Ruin Creek.Witnesses: Joseph and Isaac Burson, Junior

        Jackson County, Georgia Deed Book A, Page 121
        May 31, 1819 Isaac Burson, Senior sold to Hiram Mcharge for$400 124 acres. Signed: Isaac (X) Burson Witness: Elijah Shaw, Justiceof the Peace


        Isaac Burson. Will dated Sept 28, 1829. Probated: July 5, 1830.
        I give and bequeath unto Sylvania Shipp $50.00 and alsoPenelope Brazeal $50.00 to be paid out of my money from my estate notheretofore dispose of".
        I give and bequeath unto the lawful heirs and wife of DavidBurson, deceased, $1.00 only to be paid from estate.
        It is my will and wish that my wife Sarah Burson to bedecently supported out of my money arising out of my estate and to havecontrol and use of all the household furniture and stock of cattle andsheep she is possession of during her life and then to be disposed of ashereinafter mentioned.
        It is my will that all just debts to be punctually paid. Theresidue of my estate, which consists in money, notes and papers, creditsand some personal property designated in the 4th item, to wit, cattle,children, share and share alike, to wit: Joseph Burson, Hannah Thomas,Isaac Burson, Sally Hinton, Delila Shaw, Elisha Burson, Brookfield Burson.
        Executor: Sons, Joseph and Elisha Burson
        Witnesses: William Shaw, John H. Johnson, and Barnabus B. Johnson